Supporting Your Teen in a New Relationship

image of smiling teenage couple whose parents learned the importance of supporting your teen in a new relationship

Navigating relationships at an early age can be challenging. Healthy dating habits are not necessarily inherent, so supporting your teen in a new relationship while giving them parental guidance can be tricky. Engaging with professionals through a teen relationship therapy program can be an effective way of providing support to your teen, among other teens going through similar experiences. This type of therapeutic environment gives teens a good framework to establish healthy relationships while managing expectations and emotions.

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Supporting Your Teen in a New Relationship

Entering into a romantic relationship can be overwhelming and confusing for teens. While you may offer them advice, it may not be all that they need or want. Therapy can also be a healthy way to support teen relationships. Understanding the wave of emotions that come with a relationship is not something that comes easily. In teen relationship counseling, teens receive guidance on the best ways to manage their emotions and have the opportunity to learn from and share with other teens who are also in the program.

When it comes to relationships and young love, there are some basics that every teen can use support with as they navigate a new romance.

Safety First

A teen relationship therapy program teaches those who attend how to enter into safe relationships where they ensure their own needs and the needs of their partner are taken into consideration. Physical, mental, and sexual health are all important.

Social Media

A new relationship can be overwhelming on its own. Being on social media adds to that pressure—the pressure of appearance and popularity, the risks of negativity and bullying, and more.

Taking Risks

Putting oneself out there in a relationship can be scary, but sometimes, taking the risk can be the catalyst to a great love story. Every teen can use help with knowing what risks are worthwhile and what ones are not.


The fear of rejection can keep many people from entering into a relationship at all. However, learning to handle rejection is a valuable lifelong skill. Feelings get hurt, but they can be recovered from.

What Is Teen Relationship Counseling?

Dating for teenagers and adolescents can be an emotional rollercoaster. Teen relationship counseling offers additional support to your teen—in a structured way—to help them manage very adult scenarios they may or may not be prepared for.

Teen relationship therapy programs can focus on the following:

  • Self-respect
  • Have meaningful relationships
  • Healthy dating habits
  • Setting boundaries
  • Being vulnerable
  • Recognizing abusive tendencies
  • Mental health care
  • How to end relationships
  • Trusting partners and themselves

A program like this aims for teens to enjoy meaningful relationships while being safe and protecting themselves and others. Recognizing the signs of abuse is also essential at this age, and understanding healthy boundaries. As a parent, you want to know that your teen is safe; teen relationship counseling can help reinforce this. Another advantage of therapy is being able to receive counseling alongside other teens who may be experiencing similar situations.

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If your teen is in a new relationship, you can support them in a number of ways. One way is enrolling them in a teen relationship therapy program, like the one at Imagine Omaha. Teen relationship counseling addresses many of the common relationship problems teens face today. This will better prepare them for future relationships as both an adolescent and an adult.

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