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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

cognitive-behavioral therapyCognitive-behavioral therapy is an evidence-based form of therapy that is highly effective in treating mental health issues. Over the past few decades, this form of behavioral counseling has become increasingly popular and is often used to address behavioral troubles in teens and adults.

If your teenager is struggling with their mental health, cognitive-behavioral therapy in Omaha, Nebraska could be an essential piece of the puzzle on the road to living a happy and healthy life. Contact our medical professionals online or call 888.306.2681 today to discuss the role an adolescent behavioral therapy program can play in your child’s life.

What Is CBT?

In our cognitive-behavioral therapy program for teens and adolescents, patients are encouraged to identify and evaluate their negative thoughts about themselves, the world, and their future. By helping young people change their thoughts and approach to challenging situations, therapists can help patients start to feel better emotionally and behave more functionally as they develop the ability to think more realistically about their current situation and potential for a brighter future. Behavioral counseling offers the promise of long-lasting change in teen patients, and it can be successful in helping them overcome a variety of mental health and addiction issues, including:

What to Expect from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Omaha, Nebraska

Our CBT program can be incorporated into many of our therapeutic programs, including partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs. At Imagine Omaha, patients learn ways to improve their quality of life by recovering from their mental health disorders and any co-occurring substance use issues such as drug or alcohol addiction. Studies have shown that a professional adolescent behavioral therapy program can be as effective, if not more so, than other forms of therapy and psychiatric medications.

Our cognitive-behavioral therapy program is designed with several core principles in mind, including that psychological problems are based partly on unhelpful ways of thinking and learned patterns of behavior. We believe teens can learn better ways of coping with these thoughts and patterns.

Because the first key tenant of CBT is to address and change adverse patterns of thought, the strategies employed during a cognitive-behavioral therapy program may include the following:

  • Learning to recognize that the distortions in their thinking are what’s creating their problems
  • Re-evaluating their ways of thinking in light of this learned reality
  • Giving teens an understanding of the behavior and motivation of others
  • Teaching adolescents critical problem-solving skills to help them cope with challenging situations they will face throughout life
  • Developing in teens a greater sense of self-confidence in their abilities

Altering behavioral patterns is the next step in behavioral counseling, which will teach them to:

  • Face the fears that are holding them back
  • Use role-playing as a way to build confidence ahead of difficult interactions
  • Learn healthy ways in which they can calm their mind
  • Practice methods of relaxing their body

Our adolescent CBT program places a priority on helping teens learn to manage their mental health by having them do important exercises both during and between sessions. Patients will come away with critical coping skills, strategies for approaching challenging situations, and the ability to use the old fears they once harbored as a way to get through emotionally intense scenarios thanks, in part, to the new behaviors learned at Imagine Omaha.

Contact Imagine Omaha for CBT

Our cognitive-behavioral therapy program is focused on the here and now in each teen’s life. We address what’s going on in their life today, meaning that if they are struggling with multiple issues that need to be treated, our adolescent behavioral therapy program may work in conjunction with care for co-occurring disorders. Choose cognitive-behavioral therapy from Imagine Omaha to help your teen live their best life. Call 888.306.2681 or contact us online to learn more.