What to Expect in a Psychotherapy Program

Therapist interviewing adolescent and explaining what do expect in a psychotherapy program

Psychotherapy can be a very valuable tool for teens dealing with mental and behavioral health disorders. This type of therapy helps develop skills such as effective communication and problem-solving in everyday life, especially when faced with triggers. Family members can also be included in therapy sessions, so that they can work together with their teens to better manage challenges and support them in their treatment journey. Knowing what to expect in a psychotherapy program and researching treatment options is essential.

Mental health disorders don’t need to direct you or your teen’s life. Making the decision to seek professional help is not always an easy one. It’s a big step, but one that can ensure your teen regains control of their life with your help and support. Researching and finding the program and therapists that meet your teen’s and your family’s needs is important. Get peace of mind by knowing your teen is getting the treatment they need in a structured and safe therapeutic environment run by trusted professionals.

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What Is a Psychotherapy Program?

Put simply, psychotherapy is talk therapy. Talking with a trained professional in an individual or group setting helps to get to the root causes of the problems or issues that have led to mental health or behavioral disorders. Building a comfort level with a therapist allows for the opportunity to develop a safe space with someone you trust and can share openly with. Having this opportunity to be open and honest, without fear of judgment, can be critical to treating your teen.

Psychotherapy assists in changing behaviors and learning how to better control and manage strong emotions. The end goal of any therapy program is to be able to live life every day without the risk of relapsing. A psychotherapy program can help you and your teen take charge and manage feelings and emotions so that they do not lead down the same path as before.

What to Expect in a Psychotherapy Program

Every treatment program can be customized to each person’s individual needs, and a psychotherapy program is no different. Therapy sessions can last around an hour and happen a few times a week on a regular basis. Throughout the sessions, a therapist will gather information about the patient, a history of mental and physical health, challenges being faced, and the unique needs of the patient. The length of time one stays in therapy depends on many factors—it can be weeks, or it can be years.

Many types of professionals can lead therapy sessions, each with a unique perspective and, in some cases, focused on a specific audience. The types of therapeutic professionals can include:

  • A psychologist
  • A psychiatrist
  • A psychoanalyst
  • A marriage counselor
  • A family therapist
  • A licensed social worker
  • A professional counselor

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While the benefits are many, receiving treatment is hard work. Digging deep into emotions can be difficult and can bring up repressed trauma and feelings. Psychotherapy works to address and manage these triggers, emotions, and feelings in a constructive way. Psychotherapy can include a variety of treatment methods. Each person’s treatment plan will also be designed to be unique to them, utilizing a personalized combination of treatment methods. Treatment is not a one-size-fits-all approach at Imagine Omaha. The treatment team works to ensure each patient receives the treatment approach that serves them best.

Imagine Omaha’s psychotherapy program includes:

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