Finding Anxiety Treatment in Omaha, NE

behavioral health therapist talking to a mother about finding anxiety treatment in Omaha, NE, for her teenager.

Finding anxiety treatment in Omaha, NE, for your teen can be the best decision you can make for them and with them. Giving them the support they need will help them better manage their anxiety now and in the future. The adolescent years can present many mental health challenges, like anxiety. This can be a result of stress, trauma, bullying, peer pressure, academic pressure, and more.

Imagine Omaha offers a safe environment for teens to receive outpatient and partial hospitalization care that works for them, their family, and their commitments at school and in life. Call today to learn more about our anxiety treatment program in Omaha, NE.

What to Look For When Searching for Anxiety Treatment in Omaha

Everyone’s treatment journey will be different. Building a community as part of the treatment experience is a crucial factor, as is the level of support offered by peers and professionals. Family involvement can also be critical to a successful treatment experience. Anxiety can cause teens to feel very alone, so having these layers of community and support is important.

When looking for anxiety treatment options in Omaha, location may be important. Imagine Omaha is conveniently located between Interstate 80 and Interstate 680, with many hotels and restaurants close by to catch a meal before or after receiving outpatient treatment.

The priority in a teen’s mental health treatment is, of course, the programming. Knowing that the right treatment is in place for the needs of the teen will put the entire family at ease. Anxiety treatment programs can include:

  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) – While considered an outpatient program, a PHP offers a higher level of treatment and accountability for the teens.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – While still offering specialized and structured support for individuals, this option is less demanding than a PHP or inpatient program.
  • Medication management – When a teen is receiving treatment, it’s essential to know that their medication needs are not only being met but also monitored and evaluated to ensure the medication is appropriate for their needs.
  • Educational advocacy – Keeping kids on track with their academic responsibilities is paramount with any good treatment program.

Finding Anxiety Treatment in Omaha, Nebraska

The state of Nebraska offers many services for those seeking mental health treatment. The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services1 can direct you to a variety of options, including treatment at a private treatment center like Imagine Omaha.

Teens need to know that they are not alone in their struggles. Going through treatment with peers who have similar challenges is a large part of the therapeutic experience. These relationships can become long-lasting and provide continued support far outside the doors of a treatment center for years to come.

A customized treatment program for teens in an anxiety treatment program can include a combination of therapies like:

These proven, evidence-based therapies can help teens and adolescents in Nebraska find hope and healing.

Call Imagine Omaha Today for Anxiety Treatment

Imagine Omaha offers mental health and behavioral health services for young adults between the ages of 12 and 18. We support teens and their families through various treatment programs and modalities. Imagine Omaha’s treatment center is a community where everyone is welcomed with open arms. The journey to recovery can be paved with many challenges, so having the guidance of a caring and experienced team of mental health treatment professionals is highly advantageous.

Imagine Omaha offers a trauma-informed approach to treatment. This means directly addressing the potential causes of a teen’s anxiety and treating that through a holistic combination of therapies. Working through a past trauma can be challenging, but doing so in a safe environment with the proper support will make it manageable and effective.

Call Imagine Omaha today at 888.306.2681 or contact us online to learn more about anxiety treatment in Omaha.


1Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services – “Behavioral Health”