Mental Health Treatment Programs

Imagine Omaha is an adolescent mental health treatment center in Omaha, Nebraska. We provide mental health services to teen patients aged 12 to 18. Treatment is available for patients diagnosed with a mental health disorder and patients exhibiting mental health and behavioral concerns. Parents seeking to help a teen with mental health concerns are often uncertain of where to turn and what form of treatment is right for their child. At Imagine Omaha, we understand this process can be challenging for parents. We work to support families and ensure they understand the treatment process and options.

When a family comes to Imagine Omaha, we perform a comprehensive intake assessment to determine what level of treatment will best support your child’s mental health. Our facility primarily treats teen mental health and behavioral health patients. We sometimes accept teen patients in need of treatment for substance use disorder, but this is determined on a case-by-case basis. For more information on assessment and treatment options for your teen, contact Imagine Omaha at 888.306.2681.

When Is Adolescent Mental Health Treatment Necessary?a teen boy talks to a therapist about adolescent mental health treatment

Mental health treatment for teens can be confusing for parents to navigate alone. Sometimes prior events lead to treatment, such as a diagnosis or a medical referral. Other times, parents may have concerns about a teen’s mental health but are unsure whether treatment is necessary. Common signs that indicate your teen might benefit from a mental health treatment program include:

  • Withdrawal or isolation
  • Altered social behavior
  • Engaging in illegal activities
  • Self-harm injuries
  • Disordered eating
  • Patterns of impulsive or reckless behavior
  • Outbursts or difficulty with emotional regulation

When it comes to your child’s mental health, it’s better to err on the side of caution. Imagine Omaha provides compassionate, caring support to parents concerned for their teens’ mental health.  

Mental Health Treatment for Teens Offered at Imagine Omaha

Imagine Omaha is one of the leading outpatient teen mental health treatment programs in Omaha, NE. We offer both a partial hospitalization program (PHP) and an intensive outpatient program (IOP). Our PHP program allows teens to receive full-time mental health stabilization and care with the freedom of returning home to parents after each full-day session. 

Our IOP program is less time-intensive. Sessions last a few hours each and can be attended a few days a week. Adolescent IOP programs are designed to accommodate a school schedule and provide teens with additional support as school-related triggers and challenges arise. Most patients at Imagine Omaha begin with PHP and then transition down to IOP. 

What Happens During Adolescent Mental Health Treatment?

Mental and behavioral health specialists conduct all programs at Imagine Omaha. We use evidence-based treatment (EBT) to provide our teen patients with the education and support needed to promote a strong, lasting recovery.  

Mental health treatment for teens teaches coping mechanisms, effective communication, and conflict resolution. Patients learn the skills necessary to develop an awareness of their own mental health and how to ask for help when it’s needed.  

Treatment at Imagine Omaha involves the use of: 

All patients receive an individualized treatment plan designed to address their specific mental and behavioral health challenges. 

Parents and other family members are part of the treatment process through family therapy. This approach educates family members on mental health concerns and empowers parents to support their child both during and after treatment confidently.  

Find Adolescent Treatment in Omaha, NE at Imagine Omaha 

Navigating mental health treatment programs in Omaha, Nebraska can be an emotionally overwhelming process for parents. Imagine Omaha understands that teen mental health impacts the whole family. Treatment helps teens find healing and stability and build a strong foundation to support mental health for years to come. 

Know that you’re not alone if you’re concerned for your child’s mental health. Imagine Omaha can provide a comprehensive assessment and advise you on the treatment program that best supports your teen’s mental health. Contact Imagine Omaha at 888.306.2681 for more information about our teen mental health programs.